How to Network and Find a Job You'll Love

When you learn how to network, you'll be learning a brilliant new skill that will allow you to quickly find a new job.

Even if you're completely new to networking or you're a shy person, you can use our approach to find yourself a job.

The basic idea behind networking is very simple, you build up a network of contacts, who you then use to help you find a job.

Before You Start Networking

Starting Your Network

Once you've got your CV and LinkedIn Profile sorted, you are ready to start networking in earnest:

Focus on Finding a Job

Growing Your Network

In Summary

Starting, building, growing and maintaining a network of contacts can be a great way of finding a job now and in the future.

If you put in the effort to maintain your network, you may be offered opportunities in the future that you would never have heard about, so it can really be worth putting in a bit of effort to keep it going.

Some people will drop out of your network - don't worry about them, concentrate on maintaining contact with the people you want to and add new people as and when you come across them - this is particularly easy with LinkedIn.

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