Jobs that require travel or jobs that involve travel

Many people are seeking jobs that require travel or jobs that involve travel, because this represents the fulfilment of a dream. They are perceived as being an escape from the nine-to-five routine of regular jobs and an opportunity to see a variety of places while being paid to be there. With varying work locations come equally varied evening locations, with different attractions in store.

The reality of jobs that require travel or jobs that involve travel is rather more mixed. Sometimes the work is dull and poorly paid, even if the locations vary. Sometimes the locations are not particularly interesting, or are not so after they have been visited once or twice. In the meantime, home-based social and family life can be neglected or missed out on.

Here, we consider some of the many jobs that involve travel or jobs that require travel, looking at the pros and cons and consider how you can obtain this type of job.

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Jobs that involve travel specifically as part of the job itself

Travel Company Representative

Travel companies employ many representatives who work in foreign resorts on a seasonal basis. Most such jobs are short-term contracts of a few months and involve extensive liaison with the company's customers. It is a chance to work in the sun and frequently in a highly social environment. Disadvantages include those that come with working with highly dependent members of the public, with frequent demands and complaints. Sitting on noisy coaches and meeting flights late at night might or might not be your cup of tea. However, such jobs can provide experiences and adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime, even if pay is not exorbitant.

Such jobs are usually recruited direct from the travel company, so do your research and approach individual companies to request application information. Some jobs will be advertised in the national press, but such is the demand for these jobs that it often is not necessary.


Working for international airlines brings travel opportunities, even for ground crew, who may have access to heavily discounted fares. Pilots are highly paid but must undergo a great deal of training. Flight attendants are in a less lucrative role, largely concerned with keeping passengers relaxed, fed and entertained, yet still face strong competition for jobs. Enormous patience and charm is required for these jobs, as contact with the public is considerable and for many hours at a time. Many people work for the less glamorous domestic airlines before moving to the major carriers. In addition to passenger airlines, there are many other airlines shipping freight to worldwide locations. Advantages with these jobs are obvious, while disadvantages include difficulty in maintaining a home social or family life, and the physical demands of working irregular hours.

Travel Writer

Those interested in literature might work as travel writers, taking the opportunity to make some income from a travel experience. Most such writers are freelance, completing manuscripts and submitting them to publishers with no guarantee of acceptance. There are a relatively small number of travel writers employed by newspapers, but there are many freelance openings with websites and e-zines.

Cruise Lines

Just as with hotels, there are many jobs on cruise ships. The work is hard and time off limited, but the restricted environment is balanced with shore visits at the various ports. Many different levels of the market are catered for, just as with any aspect of tourism or hospitality. A drawback is clearly the long periods spent away from home at sea, but if this suits you, then this could be an interesting and fun occupation.

Education jobs with travel

If you are looking for a job with travel and education, then look no further than a teaching job abroad.

There has always been and will always be a demand for teachers of English who speak it as their first language.

While many young people undertake Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), as it is termed, to facilitate global travel before university or college, many others continue to work in this capacity as a means of living in different countries.

A recognised certificate or diploma is required for reputable positions overseas, which are advertised by agencies.

Regional jobs that require travel

Sales Executives

Companies often employ sales representatives to promote their goods and negotiate new sales contracts over specific geographical territories or regions. These vary in size from small, densely populated areas to wider territories in which customers are thinly spread. It all depends upon the product being sold. Pharmaceutical companies employ salespeople to sell to doctors' surgeries, food and beverage companies sell to cafes and restaurants, wholesalers sell to retail outlets, and so on. With much travel involved, sales people are usually provided with a company vehicle, with expenses for overnight stays covered. Depending on the size of the territory, salespeople may spend several nights away from home a month. Disadvantages may include uninteresting locations, many hours spent driving, and much time spent alone. Working on a commission per sale basis may be another disadvantage.

Regional Managers

Regional managers are employed to oversee regional zones of chain stores, retail outlets, restaurants, etc. Territories may cover hundreds of miles. Regional managers may need to regularly visit each outlet, discussing targets and performance with outlet managers. They then report up to the next tier of management. As with sales executives, the work can be solitary with many hours spent on the road, although this depends upon the frequency of visits expected within the individual role.

Truck Driver jobs

Truck driving jobs involve extensive travel, either locally, nationally or internationally. For people who enjoy being on the road, being a truck driver can bring feelings of independence and ever changing vistas. Special goods vehicles are needed, which you can either train for yourself, or achieve under an employer's scheme.

Similar roles but with less long haul travel include delivery drivers and couriers at a more local level.

IT jobs that involve travel

IT - Field Support

The high degree of specialist knowledge required in the ongoing maintenance of software systems has led to the emergence of specialist computer technicians, who travel around repairing or installing office equipment, security systems, computer networks, etc. Sometimes they are employed by the systems' proprietary company and sometimes by a company that uses certain systems extensively at remote sites. The role can extend to user support and training too. Such roles rarely involve overseas travel, but do involve being away from home on a regular basis. They may also involve being on-call on a 24-hour rota.

IT - Software / Hardware Contractors

Again, specialist knowledge of hardware and software systems has led to developers and engineers with expertise in particular technologies who are employed on a contract by contract basis. These may relate to telecommunications or particular companies' networks, sometimes across many remote sites. Demonstrations, migrations and installations can take place for large government agencies, corporations, health authorities, etc. Such processes can take months. Contractors in such roles may spend entire weeks away from home, returning at weekends or even less frequently. Disadvantages may include lack of permanence and many nights spent in temporary accommodation.


It is now common practice for consultants to be hired for their advice on particular aspects of major corporations' or public agencies' organisational development.

This may be a business concern, relating to take-over or mergers, or a development linked to marketing, technology or sales.

There are many other instances when the consultant will analyse, evaluate and report on situations with recommendations based on their expertise.

As well as assisting with major decisions, the consultant, who may be freelance or employed by a consultancy firm, may make major presentations and representations to other agencies. The extent of travel involved will vary from post to post.

Training Industry

Working in a Human Resources capacity as a trainer involves travelling to different companies or different offices of the same company. Training companies send trainers out to different locations, while freelance or independent trainers visit other sites as a matter of course. This is also the case with staff recruiters and public speakers of various kinds, all of whom need to target client groups that are not defined by geographical territories. This may not be the kind of travel that enthuses everybody, but it does mean that there is variety in the working environment and the opportunity to visit different locations.

International Development

International travel is guaranteed within this sector, albeit to largely underdeveloped or war-stricken countries, or regions hit by weather catastrophes. A wide range of roles centre mainly on construction, rescue and building of infrastructure. Given the nature of the countries involved, it is inevitable that a degree of danger is involved in some locations, particularly those where conflict is still occurring.

Healthcare / travel nurse jobs

A large number of nursing jobs present opportunities to work and travel overseas. Working on short contracts means there is the On-Target Earnings (OTE) substantial amounts in hospitals or healthcare facilities. Nurses are in such demand that there is considerable choice of location.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can combine travel and regular employment, beyond that offered by the gap year travel experience. International positions offer excitement of new locations to the more adventurous, while domestic positions also cater for those who simply prefer to have a regular change of scene and, in some cases, employer.

Many people find that the novelty can wear off after a few years and change to settled positions as their family or domestic commitments grow. Others remain committed to a life of working and travelling, broadening their experience while earning a living at the same time.

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