Part time jobs for 16 year olds, plus apprenticeships and intern jobs

In this article, we look at part time jobs for 16 year olds and include a brief discussion about interships and apprenticeships too.

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Self-employed part time jobs for 16 year olds

You can start building the following jobs by working for family members, neighbours and friends at the outset. Once you have started to build a good reputation, you can ask some of them for references or testimonials, so that you can start encouraging clients who do not already know you. This kind of work builds well by word of mouth. There is a list of traditional part time jobs for 16 year olds below.

Graphic and web design: Many smaller businesses and charities cannot afford to pay a large design agency to look after their design needs and talented 16 year olds may be just what they are looking for. You may be able to earn through your existing design skills by working from home. Be aware that this is a highly competitive area, though, and you need to have good promotional and PR skills to win the work.

Dog walking: This is an increasingly popular form of part-time employment for 16 year olds and is, obviously, ideal if you love dogs. You can work for people who are on vacation, while some people who work full-time may like their dogs to be walked every day. It might be worth exploring some dog behavioural and training courses, to help you with handling skills, keep the dogs and other people safe.

Gardening: You may be able to buy your own equipment and earn money mowing lawns or weeding on a self-employed part-time basis. Try building up a client list before the start of spring or summer, so that you have a head start. The good thing about this work is that neighbouring property owners may see you working and ask you to help them out too.

Babysitting: If you are still living with parents and do not need to earn a lot, or are interested in entering a childminding course at some stage, then a part time job babysitting could be an option. Make sure you know about licensing regulations in your local area so that you do not break any of them.

Washing cars: This is generally seen as a summer job, but washing cars - or valeting, cleaning inside as well as out - can be a way to earn money year round.

Apprenticeships and Internship jobs for 16 year olds

Apprenticeships, traineeships and internships combine employment with ongoing training. Consequently, you are likely to receive a lower wage, but in return you can take time to study and work towards a qualification that is recognized within the industry or within a national qualifications framework.

Some apprenticeships are open only to school leavers. They provide you with a good way to get ahead in your chosen career, earning while learning through a combination of vocational study and employment in the relevant job. While you may be earning less, you will be further ahead when you finish your training and move on towards your next job.

Traineeships can be offered when you start a new job. It may mean that you have to earn at a lower level for a while, before fulfilling the employer's own criteria and moving into a fully paid position.

Internships can be shorter term and do not necessarily lead to a qualification. Many are unpaid, as they are placements that enable you to learn more about different kinds of work and employment. While they mean delaying your earning, they are useful as they enable you to discover what kind of work you would like to do and are good for your CV.

Jobs for 16 year olds (part 1)

How to find jobs for a 16 year old

Employment law relating to jobs for 16 year old

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