Example CVs Created by Bradley CVs for Both UK and International Clients

The example CVs linked to below, will show you how you can turn poor CVs into great CVs that will really impress employers and swiftly win you more job interviews.

Our CV service created all the CV examples on this website and they are the copyright of

Before and After Example CVs

The 3 case studies below include both the original CV and the new CV.

The Sample CVs page shows you how to transform a lacklustre CV that was failing to get any interviews into an attractive interview-winning CV that allowed the client to secure a new job.

The before and after CVs, plus the critique of the original CV will inform you how to improve your own CV and help you fix some of the serious mistakes that you've made.

The 2nd case study:

The Example CVs page demonstrates how to significantly improve a poorly laid out weak CV, turning it into an eye-catching CV that landed the client a new job.

Just like the first case study, you'll find the before and after CVs, plus a useful critique of the original CV, which will help you identify crucial mistakes on your own CV.

The 3rd case study:

This Graduate CV was produced for the Guardian Newspaper's CV Clinic and shows you how to transform an ineffective CV into a persuasive CV that convinced a major employer to offer our client a prestigious graduate job.

You will find the original CV, the interview-grabbing new CV and our critique of the original CV, which will give you some tips on how to eliminate fatal mistakes and improve your own CV.

Check out our Free CV Review and discover how your CV can be dramatically improved, so that you'll quickly and easily win interviews, even when you're competing against 100s of other applicants.

CV of our Managing Director

Take a peak at our MD's CV to learn how Bradley CVs ensures that our clients receive a professional CV that will win them the interviews they want.

Our Managing Director's CV details our MD's considerable experience and expertise in writing professional CVs that impress employers and recruiters, and compel them to invite our clients for those all-important interviews.

There's also background information about Bradley CVs, including how we guarantee that you'll easily beat your rivals and quickly secure the interviews and job offers that you would like.

Would You Like Bradley CVs to Improve Your CV?

If you don't know what to include or leave off your CV and don't know how to sell your skills, experience and achievements on your CV to beat 100s of rivals then:

Getting an interview-winning CV from our professional CV service will make a massive difference to the number of interviews you'll win, especially when you're facing fierce competition from 100s of other applicants.

Just like the clients we produced the example CVs for above, we can identify your 'real' achievements and other crucial information that is missing from your current CV.

We can sell your unique experience, skills and achievements on your CV with our expert copywriting skills, using persuasive language to convince employers and recruiters that they must interview you.

Comparing our before and after CVs allows you to see how much value Bradley CVs can add to your CV by eliminating fatal mistakes and uncovering vital missing information that costs interviews, and expertly writing a highly persuasive CV that makes employers / recruiters want to interview you.

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