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Often employers will use an application form instead of a CV and occasionally with a CV, to gather the information they require in order to make the decision on which applicant should be interviewed.

As a professional CV service, we are very experienced in helping clients with any aspect of an application form, particularly the difficult open-ended questions that you frequently find on application forms.

Typically, application forms are used by larger employers and they do this to ensure that all applications contain the same information content in the same sequence - not so with CVs of course as they will be all different shapes and sizes!

In some respects, a recruitment process that requires an Application Form is a good sign of a quality employer looking to make an objective decision who to employ. The downside is that they will also be expecting 100s of applications, which increases the numbers of rival applicants.

This puts more pressure on your Application Form content being highly effective and accurately targeting the requirements of the job. We find applicants often mistakenly include irrelevant details, which fail to promote the right areas employers are looking for.

Using our expert help and knowledge, our experienced CV writers can highlight your relevant skills and qualities.

A phone consultation is an essential part of our service, where we will be identifying skill-centred examples of how you have deployed your expertise in previous roles. This consultation will form the basis of the compelling content we will write for you. If there is a Person Specification / Job Description please send them to us, as they will give us a feel for the expected content of the form.

In addition to job application forms, we can assist you with completing both an EMBA or an MBA application form.

What problems will you face trying to complete an application form yourself?

In short the successful completion of a typical application form is not for the faint hearted and will tax your patience to say the least. You will need to allow an absolute minimum of a full hour to compose each answer and then even more time to proof read and spell check everything.

It will most likely take a full day if there are the usual 6 questions - word limits are not stated for fun, and before you realise it you will end up 'waffling' to pad your answer out.

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