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The table below should be read in conjunction with the CV service description, as we've only listed the main features. To order please click on the 'order link' for the service you require at the bottom of the table below or see our order page.

  Select CV Service High Profile CV Service Premier CV Service
2-page CV (recommended) £79 £179 £279
3-page CV (if required) £119 £249 £379
Guaranteed Interviews (see below)   Yes Yes
Attention-grabbing CV layout Yes Yes Yes
Wording your CV to grab an employer's attention Yes Yes Yes
New Profile Section (a brief summary that sells your skills and experience to an employer)   Yes Yes
New Achievements Section (this shows an employer why they should interview you rather than the other applicants)   Yes Yes
Removing irrelevant / damaging content Yes Yes Yes
Proof reading, spelling / grammar check Yes Yes Yes
CV in Microsoft Word format Yes Yes Yes
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Guaranteed Interviews

We're so certain that you'll win interviews if you use our CV service that we offer you an Interview Guarantee - full details. Please note we can't always provide this guarantee for the Select CV Service, as we only spend a limited amount of time on this CV - please check before you order.

How Can a Profile Improve Your CV?

Including a Profile at the top of your CV is very important as it immediately identifies your relevancy to the position applied for without the reader having to absorb the main body of your CV.

It addresses the need to 'sell yourself' in 30 seconds and as it will be the first thing to be read it induces a positive mindset which means the reader will be looking for reasons to interview you rather than reasons to reject you.

Why is it crucial to have achievements on your CV?

Achievements are also critically important and complement the reasons for having a Profile. If your CV merely describes duties and responsibilities, it will be generic and could be describing anyone that was doing your job at the time. It is not personal to you and if applying for a position that is similar to the one you currently hold, it is likely the reader will already know your duties, so you are not telling them anything new.

To maximise the wow factor you must identify how you could add value in exchange for your new salary - this means identifying HOW you deployed your expertise with tangible outcomes to show you could make a difference. Achievements tell an employer what you could bring to the job and how employing you would benefit them!

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