Need Help With Your MBA Application Form or EMBA Application Forms?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an Executive MBA (EMBA) are qualifications that career conscious individuals aspire to - not being accepted onto a chosen course is normally attributed to the way you present yourself to the institution offering the study.

The EMBA / MBA application forms and application essays / questions tend to be very demanding, challenging and time-consuming. In short you may not be looking forward to completing them!

Dare you risk rejection (your employer might not be impressed!) by not presenting yourself properly for consideration by the institution who administer the course. A rejection will also tarnish your confidence and reputation.

How Can We Assist With Your EMBA / MBA Application Form, Application Essays and Questions

With 30 years' successful experience of writing compelling skill-based text that adds value to CVs and job application forms we are well equipped to produce material that gets you noticed for the right reasons!

In order to gather the appropriate facts and skill-based examples of your work we will carry out an initial phone-based consultation - this will allow us to produce copy that will delight the reader and ensure they remain impressed with what you have to offer.

We can assist you with any parts of the application process, from completing the actual EMBA / MBA application form, to expertly writing your personal statement, plus MBA application essays or questions, etc.

What Problems Might You Face Writing Your EMBA / MBA Application Forms / Essays and Questions?

Be prepared to allocate sufficient time - typically it takes 10 times longer to prepare than it does to deliver!

In summary this is not as easy as it first appears!

Completing all the paperwork effectively, proof-reading it, double checking it again will be a bind - plus there are no guarantees that you produce will be good quality.

Application forms vary from one MBA institution to another and accordingly we need to know exactly what you want us to complete to provide a quotation. Completing application forms is time-consuming.

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