Advertised Job Vacancies

Unlike many years ago the majority of job vacancies are now advertised online.

This has helped employers and recruiters considerably, as before they would have had to seek out geographically suited printed publications and then insert a number of very expensive job advertisements in each separate publication.

Online adverts receive worldwide viewing and are extremely cheap to place given the huge geographical exposure. This has also helped the job applicant, it now means they can search quickly using specialist web-based sites that will redirect enquiries to dedicated sector job sites.

So Everybody Is Happy Now - Aren't They?

Well not really, let's take a look at why.

From an employer or recruiters perspective, it has increased the number of CVs they can generate per advert tenfold. That's probably good, but of course it will include a huge number of unsuitable applicants chancing their luck because applying only takes a click of the mouse and thirty seconds of their time!

This means that both employers and recruiters can be inundated with often 1000s of CVs per job advert that they have precious little time or inclination to read properly. Unless you have a professional CV and it hits the spot within 30 seconds, your chances of an interview invitation will be nil.

It has also made this initial step of the complex recruitment process very impersonal. So don't expect a letter or email telling you that your application has been unsuccessful - if you're application has been rejected, you may not hear anything at all.

The other part of this equation is the applicant.

As already mentioned actually finding a large number of suitable job vacancies seems easy now, given the electronic search facilities to hand. Of course, this also applies to the 1000s of other job applicants as well - your rival applicants have suddenly increased by tenfold also!

More competitors means your chances of being invited to interview are being greatly reduced.

How much time did you invest in making this application?

Well you uploaded your CV, and if you were doing it properly, your cover letter too. That's about it really - so a minute at the most?

Did you honestly expect that an employer or recruiter would give you 20 minutes of their time and personally write to thank you for your job application, and then write again to say you were unsuccessful but good luck for the future!

Think this through, the application to interview invitation ratio just got 10 times worse, instead of maybe 20 to 1, it could now be 100s to 1.

Have you increased your activity or more importantly have your bought the correct lottery ticket (a well-written CV and cover letter).

This whole process requires a lot more impact from your CV and at Bradley CVs we are very skilled at maximising your potential - we have over 30 years' experience in successfully writing CVs, see our CV writing service or CV writing tips.

Additionally a well-written cover letter or if you are applying speculatively to a potential employer, then a speculative cover letter can make a massive difference to your chances of securing a job interview.

In summary, job search has become much easier and far quicker, but the major downside is that whoever reads your CV will spend significantly less time, simply because there are potentially several 100 competitor CVs to read as well as your CV.

In simple terms, this means that any substandard CVs will no longer be effective. You must advertise your talent and capacity to add value, if you don't, a rival applicant will quickly steal away that vital job interview that should have been yours!

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