Jobs Available in my Area: How do I Find Jobs in my Local Area?

You might ask yourself: What jobs are available in my area? How can I find job openings in my area?

In the first part of this article, we looked at how to put together a job search strategy. We then looked at some of the various ways to find jobs using the local press, local websites and also national job sites. If you want to read the first part of this article please see the article entitled jobs in my area.

In the second part of this article, we look at careers websites, local careers offices, contacting local employers and a whole range of other options.

To find jobs in your local area, you need to develop an excellent CV that beats all the other applicants. To improve your CV, you may want to use a CV writing service like Bradley CVs who specialise in creating first-class CVs that multiply your interview chances and will assist you to win a local job in your area.

How do I find job openings in my area using careers websites?

As well as jobs websites, there are a range of careers websites that offer information and advice about working in different industries, such as IT or telecommunications, engineering, etc. Most universities now have their own careers web pages that offer links through to websites of employers who favour graduates.

If your area of work is a profession that warrants such a focus, you may find these sites useful. Explore them and you will find that there are links to other sources of information that you might not have found otherwise.

Jobs available in my area through local Careers Offices

Many towns and cities have careers offices where you can use job search facilities, read through newspapers, journals and explore bookmarked websites. You may have to pay for this service, but the advantage of undertaking your job searches in a careers office is that there is someone nearby who can tell you which websites are worth looking at for your field of interest. This can save an awful lot of time.

If you completed a degree in the past few years, you may still be able to visit a local university or college careers office. They may make a charge for this, but this will be more competitive when compared to commercial ventures.

Finding jobs in my local area by networking

Many people are alarmed at the thought of networking, yet all it involves is talking to people you know already. Your existing contacts, such as former bosses and colleagues, friends and family, and neighbours, can provide a lot of information about local employers who are recruiting. Call or email people and ask if they have time for a short chat over a coffee. Many will be pleased to help.

If you visit trade fairs, you can start asking people if they'd mind if you were to contact them and ask a few questions at some point. Trade associations and organisations such as the Chambers of Commerce and business clubs are very much geared towards information sharing, so take advantage of any that might enable you to meet people in the right field of work.

How do I locate job openings in my area through local employers

If you hear about local employers who might be recruiting, take a look at their websites, if they have one. Many will list vacancies on their own recruitment pages. You can go on to contact them at this stage.

Alternatively, if they do not have a website, you can contact them straightaway. After introducing yourself to the Human Resources Department, say that you are looking at employment possibilities in their field and are interested in any PR literature, such as newsletters, that they can send you. They may even be able to arrange a visit.

Whenever you have this kind of contact with employers, remember that you are creating an impression that, if positive, may help you in your job hunt. Always present yourself well and be interested, friendly and courteous.

Jobs available in my area through job clubs

Local job clubs are another useful way to learn about vacancies in your local area. You can set up your own with like-minded friends, or join an existing club with people who share a common situation, such as mothers returning to work. Your careers office or job centre may have details. In a job club, you'll give and receive mutual support and encouragement as you all look for work together, as well as share information. It is also a good way to receive feedback on your CV or cover letter writing.

Finding jobs in my local area by making speculative applications

If all your research work has paid off and you are sure which employers you'd be interested in working with, you can be proactive and send in a speculative application. To do this, you will need to have contact details for the right person you need to approach in your local area. You will then need to send in your CV, reviewed, updated and targeted towards the organisation and job in question, along with a strong cover letter explaining why your experience and skills are highly useful to that employer, should there be suitable jobs available in your local area.

Making your location work for you

Employers advertising nationally may not be concerned where an applicant lives, as they assume the successful candidate will relocate for the job. However, if you are currently available for work or only need to work a short notice, you can turn your proximity to the employer to your advantage. In your cover letter, you can state that if successful, you would be able to take up the position in a fortnight (or however soon you can). For situations where the employer is not waiting for the previous post holder to work a long notice period, such flexibility can work in favour of your application.

How do I ensure I find all the jobs available in my area?

By sticking to your strategy, you will be able to find the jobs that are available in your area.

You need to be persistent and determined, because you can't always expect to get results straightaway, so stick with your job search and it will yield results in the end.

Taking a systematic approach to your job hunting enables you to maximise your chances of finding the right job in your local area, without compromising your career goals.

How to Win Jobs Available in my Area

Firstly, you need to find and identify all the sources of local jobs available in your area, as outlined above.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your CV is as good as it can be. You will have to compete with other people from your local area and possibly further afield if the job is advertised nationally. The people who win the most interviews will have a CV that represents everything that they have to offer the local employer.

Spend as much time as you can on your CV, as this will determine how many interviews you get. A poor CV will mean that you get fewer interviews than you should have received. CV writers such as Bradley CVs can prepare an eye-catching CV for you that will attract local employers and ensure you succeed in winning the local jobs interviews that you crave.

Jobs in my area (part 1)

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