How to Write a Speculative Cover Letter That Makes an Employer Want to Interview You

Speculative means 'to show curiosity', in other words asking (read marketing yourself, not begging!) if there are any vacancies.

This type of approach to a prospective employer should be used as part of an overall strategy and not as a singular method. It should also include a quality and worthwhile professional CV.

Below, you'll learn how to produce an interview-getting speculative cover letter that will make employers want to interview you, plus see the pros and cons of speculative job applications.

The very nature of a tentative speculative enquiry means that the number of positive responses will be minimal but of very high quality. More importantly you may discover an unadvertised vacancy that only you will be applying for!

There are some downsides of course.

It is a laborious process and the constant rejections have to be dealt with and not taken personally. Technique is of paramount importance here and our Job Search Strategy coaching contains all you will need to know plus the 'How' to make this work.

To help you manage your expectations here are some pros and cons:

See below for a speculative cover letter example



It will be more effective if you warm up the recipient with a phone call first and then follow this up with a well-crafted cover letter and CV that clearly demonstrates your capacity to add value.

This will also enable you to obtain the name and position of the decision-maker, who you will address the letter to in other words!

How to Write Your Own Speculative Covering Letter

What Do You Need to Include in Your Letter?

Speculative Cover Letter Example

Here is an example of the type of speculative cover letter that you might send to accompany your CV. The names, addresses, etc, are all fictitious and don't represent any real person or organisation.

Kathy Davidson
47 Summer Drive, Linley,
Farnworth, KP62 7BQ.
Tel: (0734) 971745

Mrs N Hampson,
HR Director,
Bee Zed Electronics,
Unit 26,
Conductive Industrial Estate,
MA35 6BD.

  2 January, 2023

Dear Mrs Hampson,

Re: Our conversation today, potential Electrical Engineer vacancy

Thank you for giving up you valuable time to speak to me today - I attach a copy of my CV as promised. I am a fully qualified Electrical Engineer with over 8 years' experience.

I am currently managing 36 field-based transformers that are part of the National Grid electricity distribution network. Apart from the obvious objective of ensuring continuous supply, I am pleased to say that I have reduced the downtime over the last 12 months by a phenomenal 37%.

This has yielded cost savings of circa £17,300 per year as a result of reduced engineering time to fix unscheduled faults. I have made this happen by introducing a rigorous programme of maintenance and regular checking to alleviate any problems before they occur.

Previously, I have been responsible for commercial electrical installations and managed a team of 4 electricians. Again I initiated cost savings of around £27,200 per year and increased uptime by 29%.

I am very keen to deploy my expertise in an exciting new and challenging environment and would be delighted to meet you face-to-face to discuss how I could personally add value to Bee Zed Electronics.

Yours sincerely,

Kathy Davidson

Mrs Kathy Davidson.

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