How to Quickly Find a Job in Less Time Than Anyone Else

A lot of people take far longer than they expect to find a job. Even people you would expect to quickly get the new job that they deserve.

If you want to reduce the amount of time that it takes you to find a job, then read on to discover our extremely proactive approach that uses the most up-to-date job search strategies and techniques.

The 4 methods we recommend have been thoroughly tried and tested and are proven to work in today's jobs' market.

1. Find a Job Through Advertised Vacancies

There seem to be millions of advertised job vacancies, they're advertised on job sites, recruitment agencies and employers websites, local and national newspapers, trade magazines and journals, etc.

So, you would think that it should be really easy to find a new job, but:

Your own CV can easily be lost amongst the 100s of other applicants' CVs. So, how can you increase your chances of securing an interview for an advertised job vacancy?

Have you included a cover letter when you applied?

2. Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Find a Job

When you're searching to find a job a great recruitment agency can be a real ally and they can make it so much easier for you. They can connect you directly with employers who have jobs that they want to fill.

See our UK recruitment agency finder to locate the best agency for you.

Putting a good CV together is essential when you're hoping to get job agencies to find you a job, because:

So if your current CV is poor don't expect recruitment consultants to necessarily take much notice of you. If you want to improve your CV, then please take a look at our example CVs to see how to produce a CV that will make both employers and recruiters think about interviewing you.

3. Speculative Job Applications to Employers

Another great way to find a job is by making speculative applications to employers. If you can identify the employers that you would like to work for, then you can directly approach them yourself.

4. Find a Job Through Networking

Networking, both online and offline can enable you to quickly find a job, as along as you are fully prepared to put in a fair amount of time and effort to ensure that networking will work for you.

Networking in the context of finding a job means using your existing list of personal contacts and making new contacts to construct a 'network' to enable you to find a job. For further details please see our networking article.

In Summary

To speed up your search to find a job, you need to fully utilise the 4 methods of finding a job we have list above: advertised job vacancies, recruitment agencies, speculative applications to employers and networking.

You must ensure that your CV and cover letters are as good as they can possibly be. Employers and recruitment agencies will reject poor CVs and will only offer you job interviews if your CV and cover letter is superior to those they receive from other applicants.

It doesn't matter how good you are, if your CV doesn't clearly demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate, then you won't get any interviews.

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