Jobs for 13 year olds

There are a range of jobs for 13 year olds. This includes delivering newspapers, working as a babysitter, acting or performing and working for your parents.

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Delivering newspapers

One of the traditional jobs for 13 year olds is delivering newspapers. If you are delivering morning papers then you need to be able to get up early, as these newspapers need to be delivered first thing in the morning (even in school holidays). You could also deliver afternoon or evening papers, free papers, local weekly newspapers, etc.

To apply for a job delivering newspapers all you need to do is approach your local newsagents - they often have notices advertising for newspaper delivery boys / girls in their shop window. You must be reliable though, as newsagents won't like it if you can't be bothered to turn up everyday or you don't turn up on a day when it is raining. Rates of pay are determined by the newsagents and will vary between different newsagents.

Working as a babysitter

Another job for 13 year olds is working as a babysitter. You can work for relatives, friends of your family, neighbours or other people you or your parents know. Once you have built-up a reputation as a reliable babysitter you will be asked by more and more people, because good babysitters are always hard to find. Parents will be prepared to pay you a premium if you are prepared to stay up late looking after their children. Make sure you get contact telephone numbers for the people you are babysitting for, because you may need to contact them in an emergency.

Ask around to find out what rate of pay is considered normal. Once you are more experienced and in more demand, you can increase the amount you charge per hour. Always let your parents (or guardian) know where you are babysitting, giving them the name of the person hiring you, the address where you will be babysitting, plus their phone number. Take your mobile / cell phone with you, so that you can contact people in an emergency.

Acting or performing

You could also consider working in the acting / performing profession. You can work in television, film, theatres or radio. You need to have some talent or have a particular look. Very few people will be become successful actors / actresses, but if you do become successful the rewards will be great.

Jobs working for your parents

Other jobs for 13 year olds, include working for your parents.

This could be doing jobs around the house for 'pocket money' or working in a business that is solely owned or operated by your parents.

Your parents are prohibited from employing you in manufacturing, mining, or other hazardous occupations.

Please see the links in the following section to find out which occupations you can't work in.

The law on the employment of 13 year olds

The employment law for 13 year olds is very strict, because it is important that your education is not negatively affected by work.

In the UK please see: UK Employment Rights for Young People

In the US please see: US Youth Rules

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