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Assistant Operations Manager

We are looking to recruit an Assistant Operations Manager with at least 5 to 7 years experience to work in our consultancy within the financial markets industry.

As Operations Manager you will need to manage the professional services group, working closely with the Business Development and Marketing teams.

We are seeking an individual with drive and enthusiasm to work across different business areas in this exciting role.

Please write with your CV to:

Mrs Maureen Black, HR Department, Endurant Financial, 245 Brown Street, Warrington, Cheshire WA8 2ZZ or alternatively email

Please quote reference MB212 and send your CV in Microsoft Word format.

Cover Letter Example

24 Mansfield Drive,


M23 4DJ.

Tel: (07700) 900999

Mrs Maureen Black,
3rd January, 2023.
HR Department,

Endurant Financial,

245 Brown Street,



WA8 2ZZ.

Dear Mrs Black,

Reference: MB212 Operations Manager

I am writing with regards to the above position, advertised in the Daily Telegraph on 2nd January 2023. I believe I am suitably qualified and would like to submit my application.

As you will see from my CV, I offer extensive experience in the management of business processes in the financial industry. I am highly experienced in office and administrative management, underpinned by a solid education in accounting and bookkeeping training.

I also have a proven track record in reviewing office systems to set up new IT and manual systems that improve company performance by dramatically increasing efficiency. My success has been recognised by former employers and is evident in my history of rapid promotion.

In my most recent position as Operations Manager at TCS Accounting, a small accounting company taken over by Oxley Finance Ltd, I have been responsible for reviewing business systems and updating two years' worth of backdated, untouched accounts.

Working from incomplete records, I brought the information to a standard whereby the annual accounts and tax returns could be accurately completed. I then moved TCS forwards by setting up new electronic systems to enable ongoing, accurate budgeting and bookkeeping.

Upon completion of this process, I worked closely with the parent company's business development and marketing teams to ensure full integration of the acquired company business, ensuring alignment with the five-year business plan.

In all of my previous roles, I have fulfilled the required duties effectively and, when required, have worked flexibly beyond my initial brief. I am very used to multitasking and welcome the opportunity to use my full range of abilities.

For example, after two years' employment with Oxley Finance, I was promoted to Assistant Operations Manager. In this role, I managed and trained six staff who were responsible not only for administration, but for maintaining IT systems and marketing to new clients.

I am now seeking a role in an operations capacity, where I can utilise my existing knowledge and skills, while pursuing professional growth through meeting new challenges in the context of a growing consultancy.

I am attaching my CV and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Christine Jones

Christine Jones.

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