Secondary / middle school teacher resume

Free tips and examples / samples for a middle / secondary school teacher resume.

You can get further help and advice on school teacher resumes on the following web pages:

Sample Teacher Resume (general advice for all teachers)

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This article should help you produce a resume whether you are a generalist or specialise in just one subject. There is advice and samples / examples that can be used on a math teacher resume, an English teacher resume, a music teacher resume, an art teacher resume, a science teacher resume, a physical education teacher resume, an ESL teacher resume, a Spanish teacher resume, a technology teacher resume, a computer teacher resume or any other resume.

As well as specific advice on this website there is lots of generic advice that is worth checking out when you are putting together your secondary / middle school teacher resume, including samples / examples and cover letters.

What to list on a middle / secondary school teacher resume

While the resumes of all categories of teachers are likely to share some common material (see our article: general resume advice for teachers), much of the content you include needs to be tailored to the specific nature of working in a secondary/middle school environment.

The principal focus of your resume is likely to be on your ability to develop your students' knowledge in your specific subject, to adapt your teaching to the divergent needs of your students and to help prepare your students for the future workforce. Be sure to list the subjects you teach on your resume, such as: math, English, music, art, science, physical education, ESL, Spanish, computer studies, social studies, technology, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, history, drama, languages, ballet, etc. Indicate the type of school environment in which you have worked and the breadth of abilities, needs, problems and cultural diversity encountered.

You should aim to strike an appropriate balance between your personal teaching responsibilities, your relationships with other professionals within the school and your involvement in the wider aspects of school life. You also need to ensure that your resume reflects your passion for and competence in your specialist subject area and your commitment to remaining up to date in your field.

Examples of responsibilities to list on a middle / secondary school teacher resume:

Samples of skills and qualities to list on a secondary / middle school teacher resume

The skills and personal qualities you choose to include are likely to centre around your ability to respond to individual students' learning needs, to inspire interest in your subject area and to motivate students to higher achievement. Below are some suggestions on the type of information you might wish to include:

Sample Teacher Resume (general advice for all teachers)

Elementary Teacher Resume Samples Examples

Preschool Teacher Resume / Kindergarten Teacher Resume

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