Free Resume Formats: What resume format should / shouldn't you be using?

These free resume formats can help you get your next job, whatever type of position or role you are looking for.

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The Best Resume Format

What is the best resume format? One that will get you your next job. For most people who have been working for a number of years, we would recommend the following format (if you've recently left education then please see the High School Resume Format below):

Please see how to make a resume to learn what to put in each section (Profile, Major Achievements, Career History, etc.).

Our example CVs / resumes can also give you a good idea of what to put in your resume.

High School Resume Format

A high school resume format normally takes the form:

Our article how to make a resume tells you about what to put in each section of your resume (Profile, Major Achievements, Qualifications, etc.).

Plus, you will find the sample CVs / resumes a useful place to view a number of different resume formats.

Free technical resume formats

Technical resume formats normally take the following form:

In the article outline to make a resume you will learn about what you can put within each section of your resume (Profile, Major Achievements, Career History, etc.).

Also, check out the CV / resume samples to see a selection of resume formats.

Functional Resume Format

A functional resume format is quite different from the other formats, please see our article titled: What to include in your functional or targeted CV.

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