Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Samples

Sales can be a competitive market, none more so than the Pharmaceutical Sales arena. The products are highly competitive and as such experienced Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives can prove potentially lucrative for specialist recruitment consultancies that specialise in this area. A recruiter knows that they can easily place successful and experience Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives so get your resume / CV together properly and you could be getting that ideal next career move.

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The normal route into Pharmaceutical Sales is via the extensive and mature Graduate Programs developed by the large and international pharmaceutical companies such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline. If this is how you started then make sure you detail this on your resume / CV as usually recruiters and potential employers (i.e. the competitors of your current and previous companies) will have knowledge of the quality and content of the graduate course you have undertaken.

Every company likes to think their products are 'best in class' and more innovative than their competitors, but there is an unofficial tier system within the Pharmaceutical Sales arena, so experience within the well-known and global brands will stand you in very good stead indeed. However, any knowledge and experience within more niche players in the market can also prove fruitful as there will usually be a competitor within that marketplace who will pay to have your knowledge and for you to join them!

If you're completing a graduate level course now and looking to put together your resume / CV for your next career move, then it's vital you illustrate all your major achievements during these critical training and learning courses. Your resume / CV will need to stand out against stiff competition so include a Profile and Major Achievements section on the first page of your resume / CV. These sections will act as your sales pitch and help make your application rise above other resumes / CVs.

Indeed the Profile and Major Achievements approach can be used for all levels of Pharmaceutical Sales roles. In fact, your resume / CV can more or less write itself as you have deliverables to rely upon. Do not be afraid of quoting sales figures and improved sales over the course of your employment. Be proud of your achievements and sales figures, after all this is why there'll be interest from recruiters and potential employers.

After these sections, your Career History section can begin. This will outline a reverse chronological order of your Pharmaceutical Sales roles. If you have any other previous sales experience (outside of the pharmaceutical industry), then this can go under another section entitled 'Previous Sales Career History' as it will still be relevant to future employers if you have any sales experience.

The normal educational requirement for a career in Pharmaceutical Sales is via a degree in Life Sciences or Business. With this in mind, you should therefore have a section to detail your Education, Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development. Many international companies have very structured training schedules for their Sales staff and as such, you should certainly put relevant training courses you've undertaken either internally or externally on your resume / CV.

Profile for a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Pharmaceutical sales resume samples:

Major Achievements

Sample achievements for a pharmaceutical sales resume:

Career History for a Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Education, Qualifications and Further Training

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