Sample Teacher Resume

You will find plenty of samples and templates to help you produce a teacher resume. This article covers the format, profile and major achievements sections.

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When putting together a teacher resume, it is important to make it come to life and give an accurate reflection of who you are, rather than reading simply like a standard job description that could be written by any teacher. This means outlining not just your responsibilities, which will clearly be shared by the vast majority of others applying for the same roles as you, but also your major achievements along the way, as well as giving a flavour of your key strengths and what motivates you as an individual.

Teacher Resume Objectives

When you write a teacher resume you should always write it with a clear resume objective in mind, whether you are now seeking a career change, a promotion or just a similar job. You do not necessarily have to state your resume objectives on your resume, but you must ensure that your resume is consistent with your resume objectives.

Format for a Teacher Resume

To create a strong initial impression and to present yourself to your best advantage, you will need to plan not just the content, but also the layout, of your resume very carefully. An effective way of formatting your resume is to break the body of the text down into a few carefully crafted sections, along the following lines:

Sample Teacher Resume Profile

This section should be written with your desired role in mind, so that the language you use reflects the type of experience and personal profile sought by your target employers.

In two or three punchy sentences, you should summarise your work experience, key skills, qualifications and personal characteristics, in a way that captures the reader's attention and encourages them to read on with interest.

This section should highlight the number of years' relevant experience you have, your particular subject specialisation, the age groups you have taught and the range of school environments to which you have had exposure. It should also summarise the skills and talents that make you particularly good at your job, which might include some of the following: the ability to inspire trust and confidence in your students; the ability to respond effectively to the differing educational and emotional needs of your students; the ability to communicate effectively with students, parents and fellow professionals alike; the ability to manage challenging behaviour; or the ability to work effectively with a diverse student population, employing a range of teaching methods to ensure higher student achievement.

You should also highlight your most relevant personal qualities, for example: a genuine interest in helping not just the most talented but also the less able to achieve their full potential; the ability to remain calm and patient under pressure; high levels of creativity; strong organisational, administrative and record-keeping skills; a passion for your subject and a commitment to remaining up-to-date with new developments in your field; a strong interest in educational issues and a keen desire to pass on knowledge.

You could also draw attention to any achievements that would be particularly attractive to a potential employer and perhaps give an indication of your career aspirations, such as the desire to move to a larger school or to teach in a more culturally diverse environment.

Major Achievements

Before setting out your key responsibilities in your current and previous roles, a bullet point summary of your most relevant achievements will help to focus the reader on what you have to offer. This section should be worded so as to provide potential employers with a clear image of the positive results achieved and your personal contribution to those results.

Areas to highlight here might include involvement in turning around difficult classroom situations, helping under-performing students to achieve their full potential or responding effectively to the demands of a culturally diverse student population. You should also draw attention to any innovative methods of teaching you may have introduced that have contributed to improved student performance.

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