Resume buzzwords and resume keywords - why should you use resume buzz words and resume key words?

You need to use resume buzzwords and resume keywords to enhance your resume, because your resume has to sell you if you want to attract attention and get the interviews that you desire. Although it may not be your natural way of doing things it is of crucial importance to use buzzwords or keywords to enhance your resume.

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Many people do not realise the difference resume key words or buzz words can make to your prospects of landing that dream job. Keep in mind your end goal which is to be invited for an interview. The best jobs attract a huge number of applicants and so your resume needs to stand out above the crowd. Employers decide who to call for interview on the basis of the resume, so you need to view your resume as a personal marketing document whose purpose is to secure you an interview.

How do resume buzz words and resume key words make a difference?

Resume buzz words or key words will make you stand out. For example, read the following two profiles and decide which person you'd be more likely to call for interview.

The first one does have all the relevant information, but it is the second one that makes you want to meet them and invite them for an interview. It is the excellent use of resume keywords and buzzwords to enhance the knowledge and skills that has improved the profile and therefore increased the likelihood that this person will secure an interview. And these two profiles are the same person!

Using resume buzz words / key words helps to get beyond the resume and offer a flavour of the type of person you are by emphasising your personal qualities. This will ensure that your resume creates an impact. The key is to use resume key words and buzz words in such a way, so it shows that you are not just a passive member of an organisation, but that you are personally instrumental and active in achieving results.

How can I include resume keywords or resume buzzwords?

When writing your Career History and Major Achievements on your resume, be sure to use active vocabulary. Try to keep in mind that you should try to show that you have made things happen in your career, not that they just happened around you.

This means starting as many of your points as possible with active verbs. For example, instead of 'given new responsibilities' write 'developed the role'; instead of 'organised schedules' write 'scheduled work for ten people'.

Strong adverbs will serve to liven up your achievements. For example 'Negotiated a major contract' is more effective when written as 'Successfully negotiated a major contract'. 'Consistently met clients business needs' is better than 'Met clients business needs'.

One of the classic pitfalls to avoid is being vague on your resume. If you start your points with words such as 'assisted', 'contributed' or 'supported' the hiring manager will be left wondering just how little you actually did! Either explain exactly what you did, or more effectively use an active adverb and then explain. For example, 'effectively contributed to', 'meticulously assisted with' or 'unfailingly supported'

If you're not sure which resume buzz words / key words to use, take a close look at the job description and figure out what the employers are looking for.

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