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As one of the leading UK and international professional CV writing services, Bradley CVs has produced outstanding CVs that have enabled our clients to win the job interviews they desired.

If you would like to know how we can significantly improve your CV, so you win more interviews, then check out our Free CV Review. Improving your CV can make a real difference and put you ahead of all the other applicants.

Our History

Bradley CVs was established in 1993 by Paul Bradley who remains very much involved in his capacity as Managing Director.

Paul relentlessly strove to quickly establish an enviable reputation for quality of service combined with outstanding CV writing. To this day both these mantras have become embodied in Bradley CVs DNA!

As one of the pre-eminent professional CV providers in the UK and worldwide we have been privileged to work with the BBC, The Times and Guardian newspapers and have provided expert opinion via acclaimed articles and radio broadcasts.

Our 30 years' experience has culminated in a pedigree of unrivalled expertise and excellence. We've had the pleasure of writing CVs for all the main professions and some that you've probably not even heard of!

Over the years, the core services have expanded from our CV Writing Service and Cover Letter Writing Service to include a suite of job search and interview preparation tools - in fact we can help with any part of the process of applying for a job.

Our Clients

Our ethos drives us to deliver products and services that delight our clients, many of whom refer either their colleagues or family for a new CV from Bradley CVs.

We take pride in being recommended by our clients, as there is no higher accolade than first-hand praise. A large proportion of our new business is sourced this way - so we must be doing something right!

It's important for us to develop a personal and mutually trustworthy relationship with our clients, because this is how we would like to be treated ourselves.

The Challenges You Face That We Can Overcome

There are many careers that are particularly challenging when it comes to promoting the features and benefits of you the job holder. This is where the expertise of Bradley CVs pays dividends.

The following is a limited snapshot of challenging issues that you may face:

The above list is by no means exhaustive - challenges come by the bucket full!

The majority of our clients are serious about their career progression and can therefore see the benefit of an excellent return on a modest investment. Time is money in these circumstances, particularly for those working on contract daily rates or those that are exceptionally well paid.

To apply for a job, attend interview(s) and / or assessment centres, negotiate an offer, tender resignation and start work for a new employer will normally take 12 weeks or so. Longer if the conversion rate of applications to interviews is poor due to CV quality. Whichever way you cut it this process could cost up to £15,000 or more depending on earning capacity if currently not working!

We very much look forward to helping you with your requirements.

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