10 Deadly CV Writing Mistakes That Will Cost You Job Interviews

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Find out how to fix your CV and win more job interviews from both employers and recruiters:

a) Having looked at many 1000s of CVs over the years at Bradley CVs (as part of our professional CV service), we've compiled a list of 10 of the deadliest CV writing mistakes that can stop you getting the interviews that you want.

b) Fix these mistakes and you'll make it far easier for both the employers and recruiters reading your CV to say "Yes, let's interview this person".

c) Please note the list below isn't exhaustive, we'll cover further CV writing mistakes in future articles.

1. Your CV isn't relevant to the needs of the employer / recruiter

2. You have neglected to include content at the top of page one that will captivate the employer / recruiter

3. You got so wrapped up in the need to sell your talent that your CV is 7 pages long and full of detail

4. The information is not presented in the expected sequence

5. Including details of positions you held 15 years ago

6. Inserting your secondary school education / 'O' levels from over 30 years ago

7. There is no 'Elevator Pitch' at the beginning

8. You have failed to give the employer / recruiter a reason to interview you

Why should you be given an interview if your CV reads like every other CV that they've received? Your CV must stand out from all the other CVs, otherwise you simply won't get many / any interviews.

You must shout out about how good you are - there is a fine line between arrogance and modesty, but never undersell yourself.

Think about what you've achieved at each of the jobs that you've had:

a) How have you done things better?

b) How have you improved things?

c) Have you saved / made money for your employers?

d) How have you added value or made a difference?

The better paid jobs in any profession attract fierce competition, so if you're aiming for one of these jobs, you'll need a superior CV if you want to land job interviews.

9. The way you have written your CV means it is like a book

10. Will the inclusion of hobbies win you an interview?

Make your CV stand out and you'll win more job interviews!

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