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At the highest levels of bigger companies, decisions are made by the management team regarding strategic direction, how to progress in that direction, markets to target and how best to utilise the company's resources, including finance.

In corporations, the management team also works with a board of directors, who represent shareholders.

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What Executive Management Involves

The executive management team is tasked with controlling the organisation's operation and development in order to remain profitable. This involves developing structures and policies, raising investment, creating partnerships with other businesses, identifying potential markets, utilising human resources, etc. This involves looking beyond the organisation to the wider picture.

The executive management team in a company can include the following positions, although job titles can vary enormously:

Smaller businesses and enterprises often have far smaller management teams, with individual executive managers taking on combined responsibilities. The founder members tend to also be the highest level executive managers. However as the business grows and expands, a wider team is gradually introduced based on a departmental hierarchy of responsibilities.

In larger organisations, the hierarchical structure sees accountability and responsibility increasing upwards through supervisory and eventually management layers, with daily operations overseen by managers in the lower layers. This usually includes staff supervision, recruitment, etc. Departmental managers - e.g. head of marketing - are responsible for setting the goals of that department. In turn, they answer to the executive manager of that department - e.g. marketing director.

Responsibility ultimately ends up with the board of directors, who can recruit or dismiss members of the executive management if their performance is detrimental to the company's progress and, ultimately, the share value.

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Getting Started

There is no single route into an executive management role. The divisional area you might want to work in - i.e. financial, marketing - determines the route you will take. Gaining your first management position is dependent on your proven skills and experience. Planning your way forward is always a good idea.

Would a Career as an Executive Manager Suit You?

No matter how strong your skills or solid your experience in a particular industry or profession, there are certain transferable skills that you should be able to demonstrate to a high level.

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