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In the UK, Logistics and Transport remains a fast growing industry. It covers a range of transport areas and accounts for around 15% of all employment in the country.

Employers include the major retailers and manufacturing companies, the armed services, specialist transportation companies, contract fleets and parcel delivery firms.

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Some areas are growing rapidly despite the recession: outsourcing to specialist distribution companies and consultancies, offering not just transport but purchasing, freight forwarding and warehousing, is expanding continually. Today, it represents around 40% of all logistics work.

Transport and logistics managers oversee all the processes of these supply chains, ensuring that the right product arrives in the right quantity at the right time.

Transport and Logistics Manager Job Description

The transport and logistics manager's role encompasses some or all of the following responsibilities.

Skills and Type of Person Required for Logistics Jobs / Transport Jobs

The effective transport and logistics manager needs to display the following skills and aptitudes.

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Training Needed for Transport and Logistics Jobs

Traditionally, this role has been one that people have worked their way into. It is still possible to work in another area of the supply chain, such as retail management or purchasing, before moving laterally into logistics. Consultancies usually require several years of such experience before employment at a management level.

However, the growing sophistication of transport and networked systems within the industry, as well the critical finances involved means that graduates are now being sought for many roles. The complex blend of skills and aptitudes required for these management roles is well served by degree holders.

Degrees can be in any subject area, although a business, marketing or logistical component is highly advantageous. Other subjects are economics, environmental subjects, geography, IT, psychology or social science.

Postgraduate degrees and qualifications that are specific to transport and logistics are also available. Graduate training programmes exist with many of the large transport logistics companies. As with all such schemes, competition for limited places is often strong.

Work experience, either during a secondment from education, seasonal work or employment on completion of studies, is extremely valuable. This can be in any relevant area of warehousing or storage, retail or administration.

With a specific combination of qualifications and experience, it's possible to gain membership of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT).

Hours and Conditions

This area of work invariably involves long hours. Transport activity can vary throughout the year, with clear peaks and troughs. The peak times are generally going to involve working under pressure and consequently longer hours. Flexibility regarding hours is useful, as weekend working may sometimes be involved.

Some travel may be involved, depending on the role. It usually isn't a feature of the working week, as the manager is based at a centralised location. Offices are usually in urban locations across the UK.

Salaries vary depending on the company and specific industry, as well as location. Starting salaries for graduates are around £15,000 - £18,000 a year. This can rise to £30,000 - £40,000 within six years.

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