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Whichever subject area we might talk about, popularity is something that is hard to measure. When it comes to jobs, it is particularly complicated. The job that many people apply for may not be the most popular - but it may be abnormally well paid. To say that this job is therefore the most popular is to judge it by only one criterion. Such a job may also seem popular because it is the only one of its kind in an area of high unemployment, so attracts many applications. This is then an issue of scarcity, not popularity.

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For the sake of this article, popularity does not mean top of the careers fantasy league either. Who would say they have never imagined being a famous and phenomenally rich singer or actor? Such jobs are better described as "dream jobs" and they are positions to which very few people will ever be admitted.

We are going to consider popular jobs as being those which many people can actually attain. Even then, if we successfully identify the 'most popular job', there would be huge variation within the employment marketplace. Two jobs may have near identical job titles and descriptions but, by virtue of the employer, industry or location, might present the employee with highly contrasting experiences. One position would be desirable, the other not so.

So, in compiling the following list from existing surveys, we have taken several factors into account:

The following list is presented in no particular order. For each position listed, we provide a very brief overview. This is in no sense intended to be comprehensive, as the jobs that come under these titles vary enormously according to employer, sector and industry.


Teachers improve literacy and numeracy skills in their students, developing their education in a range of subjects and preparing them for ongoing academic or vocational study. They may teach at elementary or secondary level. A teacher encourages their students to engage in critical thinking and problem solving, developing a sense of personal autonomy and civic responsibility. The greater awareness and development of educational approaches for students with special needs is leading to the expansion of this educational sector.

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A nutritionist plans nutritional food programs and puts together food menus designed to promote health and assist in disease management, prevention and control. They may work in institutions such as hospitals or schools, planning food services, promoting healthier eating through education and undertaking research. They may work in the clinical sector, within the community, in management or in a consultancy role.

Human Resources Professional

An HR officer or manager is concerned with staff in an organisation. They are involved in developing and implementing policies to recruit and utilise staff effectively. This involves working on contracts, recruitment, salaries, conditions of employment and ensuring diversity in the workforce. The HR staffs are also involved in undertaking appraisals and organising training for staff development, with the goal of enhancing productivity and furthering the organisation's policies.

Career Counsellor

Career counsellors help clients by helping them to identify appropriate career goals and secure a job. They do this through providing information, helping with self evaluation and resume writing, practising for interviews, etc. Clients may be people already within the workforce or students about to enter the workforce. The counsellor may run workshops, arrange internships, provide specific job details and run psychometric tests. They work in agencies, publicly funded organisations or academic institutions.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers produce visual solutions to help their clients communicate with their clients or users. This means creatively communicating via pint, electronic or film media using a variety of visual techniques. The result may be anything from printed magazines and other publications, to advertisements or promotional literature, logos and signage, multimedia projects and website pages.

Public Relations Professional

A public relations executive or manager is responsible for planning, designing and directing a program that communicates an organisation's message in a positive way to its audience or customers. Implementing this program usually involves writing and issuing press releases, preparing media kits, arranging interviews with the organisation's personnel, developing Internet or intranet pages, evaluating advertising and promotional programs, and managing the communications budget.

Software Developer

This position is also known as Software Engineer, Application Programmer and Computer Programmer, amongst other job titles. A software developer writes codes for applications, either stand-alone or client. They write, adapt and clean up software for client applications, as well as test and document software for client applications.

Medical Administrator

Medical administrators keep the offices of clinics or hospitals running smoothly. They need a special knowledge of medical terminology and procedures, and familiarity with funding systems, billing protocol, hospital or laboratory systems and procedures, etc. At times they will assist doctors and medical scientists with medical records and reports, patient histories, order of supplies. They will often be involved in communication with patients over admission to hospitals, test results, etc.

Licensed Practical or Licensed Vocational Nurse

Under the supervision of doctors and more highly trained nurses, Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses take care of individuals with health problems, whether they are sick, dying, or disabled. As the preference for care moves to the home, there will be more opportunities for In-Home Nurses.

Complementary Health Therapist

There are more alternative health therapies around today than ever before and an increasing number of people are providing freelance services. The aim is to help clients control pain, address a particular condition, reduce stress and achieve greater relaxation in the interests of improving their health. Sessions can take place in treatment rooms inside clinics or in alternative settings.

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