Tesco Graduate Jobs

Tesco, well-known as the UK's number one retailer, is also the third largest in the world, with a turnover of £62.5 billion across 14 countries. Its range of stores continue to grow in line with the introduction of new retail areas.

It follows that Tesco is one of the UK's major employers: as well as the more visible store floor jobs, the management tiers are constantly growing.

As a result, Tesco has developed a major graduate training program, centred on its two offices in Welwyn Garden City and Cheshunt - we look at the programmes below.

Store opportunities are covered in our article: Tesco Jobs.

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Who is the Employer?

Originally a grocery retailer, the massive Tesco now retails books, electronics, clothing, furniture, financial services, petrol, Internet and mobile services, and software amongst other products. The company has several kinds of store:

Graduate Training Opportunities

Tesco has developed a solid range of graduate training programmes. These share the capacity to equip you with the necessary leadership skills, as well as the technical abilities needed to work within a specific role and area. Requirements vary for each programme and each has its own particular style.

Tesco assures candidates of a high level of support, training and development, whichever programme they're accepted to. In return, the company is very clear about the core qualities it's looking for and in this you can see a clear indication of the corporate culture. Candidates across the board must be:

Store Management Programme

This is perhaps the area of work you'd most associate with the retailer. It's described as a chance to be where the action is, at the business's heart, interacting with customers. For more details of the store management programme.

Office Programmes

Unsurprisingly, there's a huge range of office based opportunities in the company, from specialist careers within business areas to more general activities. For more details of the office programmes.


Corporate Affairs

Customer Analysis


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Finance - Treasury

Human Resources


Product Technology


Site Research - Analysis

Site Research

Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership


UK Support Office

Distribution Programme

Distribution is at the core of Tesco's activities. This is the largest distribution network in the world and the department leads in logistics management. There are 26 centres in the UK alone. After learning about the foundations of the distribution network and becoming familiar with the operations of stores, participants work towards line management and team leadership, before moving on to development of senior team skills and project management.

This function is described as being 'not for the faint hearted', as it involves challenges on a 24/7, 365 day per year basis. Candidates therefore need self-confidence, the ability to work in a challenging environment, decision-making and change management abilities, and the personal qualities required to set expectations and influence others. For more details of the distribution programme.

International Opportunities

The company also runs graduate programmes in a number of countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Ireland, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia and China.

Applying for the Graduate Programmes

You can learn more about the graduate programme on the dedicated website:

There's an online career finder to help you see which programmes might suit you. This questionnaire takes around 15 minutes to complete and will give you a clear idea of how your personal preferences and expectations fit with the requirements of the company - and its corporate culture and way of working. Nobody monitors the results, but it alerts you to areas where you are already suitable and where you may need to adapt.

All in all, this website is set up to encourage you to apply for the right programme, rather than to filter candidates out.

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