Railway Jobs, Rail Jobs and Careers

The UK has one of the busiest rail networks in Europe, with increased congestion on the roads sending more and more travellers to use it.

Despite this, there are constant pressures to save money across the networks.

As a result the overall jobs' market is on the decline, meaning strong competition can be expected for most roles.

Railway Jobs Sites.

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Following controversial privatisation in the mid-1990s, rail services in the UK are now operated by a range of different companies.

The range of jobs available in the industry is considerable. Since so many rail companies are involved, the job titles and descriptions vary accordingly. Here, we look at some of the key roles that can be found on the advertising jobs boards for rail recruitment. For more information, it is wisest to research the individual companies' staffing requirements.

Railway Jobs: Work Areas

Customer Facing Rail Jobs

For obvious reasons, this is the area of employment that most users of the rail network are familiar with. Here are some sample roles.

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Engineering Railway Jobs

Construction Rail Jobs

Railway infrastructure workers are employed by railway network operators and contractors to provide services maintaining and constructing the railway network infrastructure. It's possible to enter a rail construction career straight from school, although some training is usually required or offered.

Rail Security

Security staff are responsible for ensuring the travel experience is a safe and secure one for individual passengers. As well as responding to adverse situations involving criminal behaviour on the transport systems, security staff are also responsible for providing customer service to all passengers.

Other Railway Jobs

Other roles on the railway network and rail system include:

Railway Training schemes and apprenticeships

Graduate Railway Jobs

Network Rail and a number of train companies offer graduate development programmes, which aim to develop project management abilities, alongside personal and leadership qualities. The goal is to establish the comprehensive technical and professional training required to prepare managers for such complex operating companies.

Student Rail Jobs

Undergraduate placements are available with many of the engineering disciplines in the network and the operating companies' contractors. It is also possible to gain experience in commercial management and quantity surveying, in addition to the engineering degree placement.

Some of the major international contractor companies even provide places on part-time degree courses for employees, enabling study combined with employment and hands-on experience, leading to management opportunities. This is commonly in areas such as mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as commercial management.

Railway Apprenticeships

Network rail and certain companies sponsor apprenticeships in areas such as electrical and mechanical engineering, high-voltage engineering, construction and civil engineering. While there is uncertainty over employment in the industry, the biggest contractors are stepping in to ensure that apprenticeships are honoured with employment opportunities in the UK.

Railway Jobs Sites

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