Legal Secretary Jobs and Careers in the UK

Numerous law firms, barristers' chambers and law courts run more smoothly due to the contributions of legal secretaries.

Also called legal assistants, administrative assistants or executive assistants, these staff perform secretarial and administrative duties that go far beyond the regular typing, dictation, filing and phone call handling duties.

Legal Secretary Jobs Sites.

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The legal secretary has specialised training and a range of professional skills unique to the legal profession, having additional understanding of legal procedures and the law itself. Although there has been an economic downturn, there has been growth in the legal sectors where legal secretaries are usually engaged. Law firms that really utilise the potential of legal secretaries are also those that optimise their overall performance.

Duties of a Legal Secretary

Standard secretarial duties include:

Specialist legal secretarial duties include:

Employers of Legal Secretaries

The variety of the work is provided by the nature of the employer's work and the type of cases that come across the secretary's desk. A legal secretary job may be found in the following kinds of offices.

Would a Career as a Legal Secretary Suit You?

To be successful as a Law Secretary, you need to be an excellent secretary who is able to learn above and beyond the standard duties of the job. You need to demonstrate the following:

How to become a Legal Secretary

There are no fixed entry requirements for this type of job, but it's advisable to either take a legal secretary course or, if you're already working in a solicitor's office, to work towards one. This will enable you to secure a position with one of the bigger or better paying law firms, as you will not be bound to the specialist area of your first employer.

A legal secretarial course will ensure that you are familiar with law and legal secretarial procedures. The Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs offers a Legal Secretaries Diploma that is recognised by law firms and accredited by the National Association of Licensed Paralegals. This can be taken part-time and suits newcomers as well as those with former experience.

Other training courses are offered by local colleges and private career colleges. Certificates and diplomas are available, with accreditation from City & Guilds being the quality benchmark.

If you are interested in the best legal secretary jobs, then proximity to a city is going to provide you with most opportunity. Alternatively, if you're willing to relocate, the better opportunities will open up to you.

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